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You can have a successful home learning experience even if you have never taken on the responsibility of educating your child at home.

Course Curriculum

Walk Through Your Door Of Fear Into Discovering The Awaiting Gifts Of Light, Empowerment, And Personal Breakthrough.

  • 1

    Welcome to Your Happy Home Learner

    • A Message From Iana

    • How To Use Your Happy Home Learner

  • 2

    Module 1 - Secrets Of Your Child's Mind

    • 1.0 - Introduction

    • 1.1 - How To Handle Your Own Anxieties & Fears

    • 1.2 - How To Deal With Social Isolation

    • 1.3 - Helping Your Child With Fear

    • 1.4 - How To Handle Overwhelm

    • 1.5 - Working With Reluctant Learners

    • 1.6 - Meditation - Healing and Preventing Anxiety and Fear

    • 1.7 - Review Your Learning From Module 1

  • 3

    Module 2 - How To Be With Your Child During Challenging Times

    • 2.0 - Introduction

    • 2.1 - Seeing and Listening To Your Child

    • 2.2 - Helping Your Child With Boredom

    • 2.3 - Helping Your Child With Lethargy, Sadness and Grief

    • 2.4 - Working With Video Games

    • 2.5 - Working With Your Gifted Child

    • 2.6 - Meditation - Introduction - Listen To Yourself

    • 2.6.1 - Meditation For Parents - Listen To Yourself

    • 2.6.2 - Meditation For Children - Listen To Yourself

    • 2.7 - Review Your Learning For Module 2

  • 4

    Module 3 - Form and Structure

    • 3.0 - Introduction

    • 3.1 - Optimizing Productivity

    • 3.2 - Following Your Child's interests

    • 3.3 - Working With Different Age Children

    • 3.4 - Optimizing Online Learning Tools

    • 3.5 - Pod-Based Learning

    • 3.6 - Review Your Learning For Module 3

  • 5

    Module 4 - Bonus Videos

    • 4.1 - Helping Your Child Overcome Anxiety

    • 4.2 - Inner Strength During Challenging Times

    • 4.3 - Superstar Thinking

    • 4.4 - Empower Yourself and Your Child

    • 4.5 - How to Know What Really Matters

    • 4.6 - Review Your Learning From Module 4

  • 6

    Module 5 - Mini-Courses

    • 5.1 - Optimizing Brain Performance

    • 5.2 - Super Learner, Super Human Being

    • 5.3 - Supporting Your Spiritually Awakened Child

    • 5.4 - When Your Child Remembers Past Lives

    • 5.5 - Honoring Your Son or Daughter's Uniqueness

    • 5.6 - Review Your Learning - Module 5

  • 7

    Next Steps

    • Congratulations! Here's what's next...

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    • A Quick Survey Before You Go ...

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Benefits - Parents

Enjoy helping your child excel and take the fear and overwhelm out of home education.

  • Receive practical and easy-to-apply tools to support your Self and your child to navigate home learning with ease and grace.

  • Learn to navigate the adventure of growing together as a family in new ways as your child excels and matures.

  • BE guided to successfully deal with anxiety, fear, hopes, despair, and expectations.

  • Understand the potential for your child learning at home and how to create it to be an unforgettable life experience.

  • Learn how to create the perfect structure for you and your child (children) that encourages happy and whole Self-learning.

  • Have a successful home learning experience even if you have never taken on the responsibility of educating your child at home.

Benefits - Children

Enjoy learning In new and exciting ways and use home education as a tool for all-around growth.

  • Increased awareness and focus.

  • Awakened self-confidence and self-worth.

  • Connection to their Authentic Self.

  • Heightened creativity through left-right brain integration.

  • Greater inner trust in their ability to comprehend and apply their knowledge.

  • Building an enhanced heart and head connection.

  • Increased abiliity to express and bring into form their feeelings, thoughts and crystal-clear perceptions.Increased abiliity to express and bring into form their feeelings, thoughts and crystal-clear perceptions.

  • The opportunity to be themselves while being fully supported.The opportunity to be themselves while being fully supported.


Your Happy Home Learner provides specific knowledge and insight that Iana has used to successfully home-school her two daughters, both of whom graduated from Ivy League colleges and have established successful careers in technology.

My Son Now Has His Whole Self

Carol K., Educator & Doctor, New Paltz, N.Y., USA

“Iana’s creative approach to learning helped our son to get out of his head and into his whole Self, making it possible for him to focus, grow into creative mind, feel confident about who he is, and trust his own learning capabilities. He loves to learn now and trusts who he is and his love for life.”

I'm A Better Parent

Robin G., Teacher, NYC, USA

“As a teacher I work with hundreds of children a week. All of Iana’s guidance, support, tools and empowerments for my child and for myself have helped me to be a better parent and give my son greater inner strength, and joy for being who he is in the most positive way.”

Deepened My Relationship With My Children

Joseph A., Newton, MA, USA

“The tools that Iana has given me to help my children over the last 4 years has deepened my relationship with them, and has helped me to find myself, and to become the kind of parent that I have always wanted to become. Iana has a deep wisdom and brilliance when it comes to the dynamics of learning, while becoming fearless along the way.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Take A Deeper Dive Into Your Happy Home Learner.

  • Is Your Happy Home Learner suitable for both the new and seasoned parent in home education?

    Yes, Your Happy Home Learner was created and designed to build the natural learning abilities already within your child no matter what their age.

  • What makes Your Happy Home Learner different than other home education programs?

    Everything that is taught in Your Happy Home Learner gives you, the parent, the opportunity to shift from fear and doubt into a powerful connection with the source of the learning, simultaneously from a heart, intellectual and creative perspective. Parents will learn universal principles of education that are readily applied in any form of curriculum.

  • Are there any special requirements or materials that I need to succeed with Your Happy Home Learner?

    No, none whatsoever. You just need to bring an open mind and notebook and pen to the video classes and write down the inspirations that you receive while watching and listening, plus the information and suggestions given throughout the course.

  • Can Your Happy Home Learner work with children who have learning difficulties, slow learners, or the exceptional learner?

    Yes, Your Happy Home Learner is beneficial to children who have difficulties learning in a particular style or need more time to do things their way as well as the gifted child who is quick to grasp ideas and concepts. In Your Happy Home Learner, you as a parent, are given tools and suggestions on how to best bring out your child’s natural learning style so they can feel secure, stable, confident, and happy, while making your life easier because they are excelling in their studies.

Special Pricing For Unique Times

We recognize the varied challenges faced by many parents and children worldwide and we want to reach as many parents as possible. For these times, we are offering Your Happy Home Learner at $297 inclusive of all videos and bonuses. (Full retail value, $797) As with all Spirit Gateways​® courses, your online access to Your Happy Home Learner remains in effect for your lifetime.