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What People Are Saying About Iana & Spirit Gateways

There comes a time in every civilization when the tides must turn to allow a new dawning of love to BE known. The time is now. Welcome to Iana Lahi & Spirit Gateways. I invite you to join us.

"My Heart Feels Healed."

The Late Laurance Rockefeller, Humanitarian, and Philanthropist, New York City

“Your work is unlike anything I have ever experienced or known to be possible. I am shimmering in light, and feel illuminated and filled by your healing touch, my heart feels healed.”

"A Rare Treasure."

Darmina B., Administrator Director, San Jose, CA

“Iana has the expertise and mastery to guide anyone through their most challenging life experiences and issues to illuminated and enlightened thinking, feeling and being. Her commitment to world peace, your peace, your heart and your purpose of being here in this lifetime is immeasurable. Learn from her, just be with her. She is a rare treasure.”

"Healing The Wounds Of My Past."

Jacob Molloy, High School Student and Global Inspirer, Issaquah, WA

“Iana is an invaluable healer, mentor, and coach. She is able to see into each feeling, relationship, and challenge in a person’s life and, with the utmost respect, give them powerful and sage advice. Iana’s skill and intuition would be a great benefit to anyone at any age, but I think it can be especially poignant in someone’s teen years. Before working with Iana, I was generally unhappy and downcast, I questioned why I was even on this earth. Iana guided me in turning these energies around and healing the wounds of my past. Truly, I am so thankful for all the work I have been able to do with her.”

"Ready to Lead, I Feel Free."

Simone Richardson, Management Consultant, New York City

“My entire life has continued to change in astounding ways and so will yours by training with Iana. I have complete clarity of the life that I want to have. I am ready to lead from this new calm. I feel free. For the first time, I know in my body what compassion and love really feel like. I can trust the love within me now. I know what I want. I am in forward motion.”

"A Unified & Lightened Sense Of Being."

Dr. Stephanie Marango, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.

“Iana offers exceptional insight into the energetics that comprise you, along with the ability to work with them at the highest level. She does so with grace, compassion, serenity, and awareness; the result is a unified and lightened sense of being. It’s the feeling of finally taking a big, beautiful breath.” Dr. Stephanie Marango, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.

"Iana Will Change Your Life."

Gordon Abrams, Business Consultant, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Iana helped me to breakthrough my old issues and inner wounds that were suffocating the next levels of my company’s success. I had been stuck, I knew it, and even though I brought along a dozen levels of resistances, Iana guided me through them all into a new level of being myself with greater confidence—while my new financial goals became a reality. Work with Iana, she will change your life.”

"Saved My Relationship."

Stephen Evans, Sound Engineer, Thousand Oaks, California

“Iana helps people to know their truth and to expand upon it to craft and design their divine-human experience. You have saved my relationship with my girlfriend. We couldn’t have made it through without you. You are a light for us. You are teaching us how-to die into the love that we have always wanted.”

"Holding The Vision & Blueprint To Move Humanity Forward For These Times."

Debra Krupa, Organizational Development Coach & Practitioner, San Jose, CA

“Iana Lahi is a real deal messenger of light who is ushering in the new matrix for the planet. She is in a league of her own and beyond what most spiritual teachers are bringing forth. She carries within herself and is fully present to how to shift through the blocks that are holding humanity captive in its own web. Her humanness and compassion are a vital part of her commitment to help uplift each person into who they are, why they are here and what they have to face and transform to be all that they already decided to accomplish on a soul level before coming into this lifetime. You will find her energies amazing, experience profound and rapid growth just by being with her by phone or in her presence. She is holding the vision and the blueprint to move humanity forward for these times.”

"A Rare Gift On Earth."

Kyle Daniels, Business Entrepreneur, Santa Monica, CA

“If you want to open, awaken and embody your true self — the you that you crave to create your life from in every moment, find and explode your gifts, free yourself from the karmic suffering that you silently carry within you, heal your relationship to the universe, others and God, successfully manifest your gifts into the world while simultaneously creating financial abundance through being in divine alignment with your spiritual Source, work with Iana. Through her trainings, and her One-on-One work, your life will take off, not from superficial ego yearnings and illusions, but from authentic, solid, ancient and progressive pure wisdom applied for your evolution and personal happiness. You will understand why you are here, how to love your self and step into knowing true fulfillment. Iana is the blessing. She walks her talk and is a rare gift on earth.”

"A Deep Foundational Peace."

Barbara Rinaldi, Organizational Development Consultant, McLean, VA

“My work with Iana has given me an incredible sense of inner stability. I feel clear, open and in a whole new space. I feel an incredible sense of peace. I can feel deep emotions and not be swept away by them. I am able to find perfection in the imperfection. I am experiencing myself in a new way. In the past deep emotions would imbalance me to react in a negative way. From this work, I have a deep foundational peace.”

Iana Lahi, Your Mentor, Facilitator and Guide

Global Evolutionary Empowerment Leader, Wayshower of the Soul, Master Healer, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Educator, Author, Poet, Choreographer, Movement Artist

Iana Lahi

Iana Lahi has guided men, women, teens, and children to move through and heal the deepest and most profound issues and challenges of their lives for over 45 years. Working with more than ten thousand clients in individual and group sessions, Iana has a unique and profound effect that enables her clients to have lasting results and deep impact in their lives. Highly tuned as a spiritual sensitive, an embodiment and success mentor, and way-shower of the soul, Iana brings her love for life, and her reverence for the human-divine process of healing to each and every participant of her online courses. For more in depth background on Iana, please go to: https://www.ianalahi.com/about-iana-lahi

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