The Light That You Are

Opening Your Portals To Truth, Bliss, Power, and Love

The Light That You Are Curriculum

Your light grid is the spiritual design and sacred configuration of your True Self.

  • 1

    Welcome and Getting Started With The Light That You Are

  • 2

    1.0 - Accessing Your Light

  • 3

    2.0 - Activating Your Inner Guru

    • 2.0 - Introduction - Activating Your Inner Guru

    • 2.1 - Receiving What Is In the Dark

    • 2.2 - Activating Your Inner Joy and Brilliance

    • 2.3 - Awakening To You

  • 4

    3.0 - Activating Your Light Grid

    • 3.0 - Introduction - Activating Your Light Grid

    • 3.1 - Opening Your Third Eye

    • 3.2 - Connecting Your Power Point Centers

    • 3.3 - Divine Feminine Masculine Currents

  • 5

    4.0 - Realizing You

    • 4.0 - Introduction - Realizing You

    • 4.1 - Seeing Through Illusion

    • 4.2 - Breaking Your Bonds With Fear

    • 4.3 - Letting Go Into Light

  • 6

    5.0 - Conclusion and Next Steps

    • 5.0 - Conclusion

    • Some Resources For You

    • Before You Go ... A very brief optional survey to get your feedback

How You Will Benefit

From the beginning of time realizing and BEing the light or leaving our connection to the light has been the human journey. There are many ways that we separate from the clear light within our soul. To find the light within ourselves we have to embrace, see, know, and receive the light that we are. The light illuminates and helps us to realize our purpose, passion, and power. Through the dark exists light, and through the light exists the Infinite Source—God—the One. Discover the Light That You Are, and walk forward into your life, and live the life that you came here to live.

  • Find the source of joy within you.

  • Discover the teacher and healer of light within you.

  • Activate the grid of light that empowers you into positive action in your life.

  • Learn how to recognize the true you that resides beneath old fears.

  • Learn how to open your third eye to see what is real.

  • Initiate the flow of energies within your body, and integrate your divine masculine and feminine aliveness.

  • Understand how to recalibrate your emotions into a higher level of BEing You.

  • Release the fears that are blocking you from accepting your original Self.

  • Ignite the light that you are in your body.

  • Break through old patterns that block you from fulfilling your dreams and goals.

What People Are Saying

Meet the voice and presence of your inner guide—the guru within you who guides you from darkness into light, and who is always concerned about your well-being and directional life path.

“Working with Iana helped me to discover the light force within me that shifted my entire perspective on my life. "

K.G., Tampa, Florida

“Working with Iana helped me to discover the light force within me that shifted my entire perspective on my life. I feel greater vitality and clarity accessing the light that I am.”

"Realizing that I could learn how to open to the light has given me back my life.”

J.M, Burbank, California

“I have suffered with depression on and off for many years. Realizing that I could learn how to open to the light within myself and discover a dimension of experiencing life beyond where I was living from has given me back my life.”

"Finding the light within myself has changed my life.”

A.K., Lisbon, Portugal

“I have been in therapy for many years and have been struggling to find a point of reference within myself beyond logic and intellect that could help me heal past trauma. Finding the light within myself has changed my life.”


Each time that you pierce the veils of separation and illusion and dissolve your attachments to fear the clearer your perceptions become about who you truly are, and how to BE integrated and whole in your human and divine energies.

  • Does your work focus just upon the light?

    No. Your entire Self, both the forgotten parts of your Self in the shadow or dark of your psyche, and the radiance of the light of your heart and soul are unveiled to reveal to you the contrasts of love and power within you, and you are always taught how to integrate and embody the polarities of your whole Self in union.v

  • Will 'The Light That You Are' help me to resolve the anxiety, and occasional depression and worry that I feel?

    It is very possible that the course will help you to uncover the root causes that manifest as difficult periods of time with grief, sadness, anxiety, depression and fear. The results are different for every person, and the results are based upon how often and how committed you are to BEing aligned with the source of your light based upon what you are taught in the course.

  • What happens if I do not “get” how to connect into my third eye or other Power Point Centers?

    No worries. Once you make the focused and energetic connection into a source of power and love within you, the ignition of your spiritual light is set into motion.

Are You Ready To Embrace Your Light?

The light surrounds you and is within you. Experience the truth of your BEing hiding within you waiting to BE