How You Will Benefit

The Honoring Grief Togetherness Circle offers you a profound opportunity to experience how grief affects all people in different ways and through direct interaction with iana and other participants use new tools to help you return to your True Self through your grieving process.

  • Experience profound acceptance of your life process through grief.

  • Heal and mend old and new grief.

  • Restore connection to the love that has been hiding in pain.

  • Ignite greater trust with the Source of life that exists within you.

  • Find your relationship with the circle of life that lives within your heart.Find your relationship with the circle of life that lives within your heart.


"Joy lives concealed in grief." — Rumi

Helped Me Heal Core Wounds By Coming Into A More Intimate Relationship With My Own True Self

Therese Russo, NYU Graduate School of Public Service, NYC

“The work Iana does with me is self-sustaining and ever-growing; it is not a pill I take to heal an ailment, but rather a rich journey that leads me deeper into myself and higher into (divine) light. Iana's work dives deeper than any other work I've done before and has helped me to heal my core wounds by coming into a more intimate relationship with my own true self. Iana's work points me back to what truly matters, which has, in turn truly helped me to live a more happy, loving, vital life.”

Iana Has The Expertise and Mastery To Guide Anyone Through Their Most Challenging Life Experiences and Issues

Darmina B., Administrator Director, San Jose, CA

“Iana has the expertise and mastery to guide anyone through their most challenging life experiences and issues to illuminated and enlightened thinking, feeling and being. Her commitment to world peace, your peace, your heart and your purpose of being here in this lifetime is immeasurable. Learn from her, just be with her. She is a rare treasure.”

Made Monumental Life Breakthroughs That Years Of Coaching and Therapy Could Not Accomplish

Sam L., Architect, Cambridge, MA.

“No one has ever honored me like you do, Iana! Within 2 or 3 minutes of our work together I made monumental life breakthroughs that years of coaching and therapy could not accomplish.”

Iana’s Work Empowers Individual Expansion and Growth Into Profound Levels Of Awareness

Dawn Close, Photographer/Master Printer/Teacher, NYC

"Iana’s work empowers individual expansion and growth into profound levels of awareness. Contact with Iana has taught me the direct experience of unconditional love, integrity, and grace. Her work has been a total blessing in my life."

Frequently Asked Questions

"Grief is like a long valley; a winding valley where any bend may reveal a new landscape." — C.S. Lewis

  • How is The Togetherness Circle different than the Honoring Grief video course?

    The Togetherness Circle is a 90-minute live teleclass mentoring session that meets once each month. The Honoring Grief online video course is an in depth exploration and experience into healing grief through 7 learning modules. The Togetherness Circle is a 3-part structure that includes: (1) A teaching about grief as a teacher, (2) A Spirit Gateways® BELIGHT MEDITATION®, and (3) A Q&A with 3 participants. You can purchase a 5 or 10 session Circle Pass that will support your personal journey through grief. The Honoring Grief online video course is viewed one learning module at a time at your own pace that has multiple class topics, exercises, and practices that are self-initiations into BEing One with your heart and soul.

  • I'm taking or have taken Honoring Grief. What additional value will I receive from group mentoring in The Togetherness Circle?

    You will feel supported with your own journey of your life through direct interchange with Iana via the teleclass experience. You will receive guidance to implement what you are learning or have gleaned from the Honoring Grief online video course. You will also benefit from hearing other participant's individual journey and questions regarding their struggles and breakthroughs through grief.

  • Do I have to participate and speak or can I simply listen to the mentoring sessions?

    You have total freedom to come to each group mentoring with the intention to take in and receive and/or participate in the Q & A section of the session. This time is your time, meant to be sacred and supportive for you to love your Self, feel supported and just bathed in unconditional love.

Choose Between 5 & 10 Sessions

Once you enroll in The Honoring Grief Togetherness Circle you will receive the dates for the 5 or 10-month Circle Pass that you have purchased. The Togetherness Circle meets once a month for 90 minutes. If this is a gift for someone else, please write in their name and email address to receive information from us.